Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New McGrath: It's Not McGrath Classic

Most Troy voters remember a time when the McGrath name invoked images of the Honorable Pat McGrath, who served with distinction, ultimately as a Supreme Court Justice. The McGrath name, it seemed, was an impervious badge of honor on Rensselaer County ballots.

That is, until Kevin McGrath decided to take it out for a spin.

Ever the statesman, Kevin was a no-show at last night's debate at the Burg Boys and Girls Club. Unsurprisingly, Kevin wanted to avoid the many questions about those pesky sworn statements, and a few hours later, he had phones ringing with a robocall talking about his tending to a sick family member. Only problem was that Kevin had already put in a letter claiming a scheduling conflict to an event planned a month beforehand. So just in case there were any voters left who hadn't gotten the memo that they were dealing with New McGrath, last night's antics cleared up any confusion. And we all remember what happened to New Coke.