Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Garbageman Goes National

Get ready America, for Troy's own, Bobby Mirch, aka the Garbageman.

In a sure sign that the raging controversy over stunning charges of forgery and fraud against top Democrats is not dying down any time soon, Fox News crews visited the Collar City to gather material for a major expose on the scandal.

Taking center stage was political powerhouse Mirch, who played a central role in exposing dozens of forgeries on absentee ballots in the September 15 primaries, allegedly committed by Democrat officials and candidates. Fox News senior correspondent Eric Shawn is putting the story, which is expected to air next week.

Shawn has assembled other stores on voter fraud across the country and also interviewed popular Troy Democratic Chairman Frank LaPosta on the scandal. LaPosta has positioned himself in the party by renouncing the conduct of Democrats involved in the scandal while embattled county Chairman Tom Wade has instead been criticized for appearing to organize a public cover-up of the misdeeds.

Having the forgery scandal story go national will hardly help Democrats who are reeling from the fallout of the ballot fraud allegations. Unable to field candidates for County Executive or County Clerk, Democrats now find themselves unable to shake allegations of corruption, with the story headed for an even wider audience.

The Fox News story on the Democrat forgery and fraud scandal is expected to air early next week.