Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Kev Gets Capsized

Want to end your political career quick? One sure way is to lie about your military service, which is apparently what goofball Legislator Kevin Harrington just got caught doing.

Harrington, according to a post on the Times Union's Local Politics blog, claimed that he received an honorable discharge when he applied for a state job. A well-paying state job, at the State Assembly, that nets Harrington more than $80,000 in salary and benefits.

Only problem is, Harrington did not receive an honorable discharge. Harrington apparently faced misconduct charges and was given a general discharge from the Navy. A big difference from an honorable discharge, especially when you consider that--according to our sources--Harrington's discharge also stipulated that he be restricted from re-enlisting.

While trying to dodge a political bullet, Harrington did admit he received a general discharge. A request for an investigation into his deception on the state job application has been sent to the State Inspector General. Misrepresentations on state job applications can have serious consequences.

Harrington is seen as already on shaky ground and the revelations about his military status further doom his campaign. There was the revelation this past summer about police being called when Harrington failed to hand over records relating to his role as a treasurer with a local fire company. Getting caught fibbing about your military records is big trouble, especially for someone who could not even win a party committee race in their own neighborhood.

In any event, the GOP is stepping up the pressure, and the Harrington military misrepresentation does not show signs of going away. Nor should it.

Misrepresentations of fact seem to be common with some segments of the Rensselaer County Democratic Party. You have the forgery and fraud by Democrats in Troy and now, a Democratic legislator telling tales about his military service. Hopefully, Harrington learned something from his time in the Navy – because he is in deep political waters without a life preserver.