Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rensselaer Likes Mike

John Mooney did his best to smear Rensselaer's Legislator Mike Stammel over a silly issue involving signatures on campaign literature. Mooney could have used some of those signatures as he got absolutely clobbered by Stammel in a write-in attempt for the Independence and Conservative nominations. Stammel's popularity also carried GOP candidates for mayor and treasurer to victory, neatly setting the stage for Republican wins in Rensselaer.

For Stammel, the wins had to be particularly satisfying. It's one thing to have an opponent like Mooney smear you unfairly, but to have voters rally to your defense and deliver a huge margin of victory is something. The chaos in city government under Democrats obviously hurt Mooney, as did the several members of the Mooney family running for office in Rensselaer this year. Hey Mooney family, start a business or something if you all want to work together.