Thursday, September 17, 2009

Primary Pounding

So, How Was Your Primary Day?

If you are Democratic Chairman Tom Wade, probably not so good. In the biggest contest in the county, for the Democratic Family Court nomination, Wade once again saw his handpicked candidate get beat. Only this time, Wade pick Richard Hanft came in third in the primary contest.

In 2008, Wade saw his choice, Brian Premo, get beaten in virtually every corner of Rensselaer County by Saratoga native Mike Russo. On September 15, Wade saw Hanft – a sitting judge, appointed at Wade's suggestion by Governor Paterson – get beaten badly. Hanft lost to former Troy Councilwoman Beth Walsh and gave up third place to newcomer Gerri Pomerantz.

The beating in the primary has led some anti-Wade forces to speak openly about their intention to unseat the controversial chairman in 2010. The primary pounding comes after Wade has been criticized for failing to attract candidates for County Executive or County Clerk and a lack of punch in fundraising.

Underscoring a lack of faith in Wade's ability, County Court Judge Andy Ceresia ran a campaign independent of the party chairman and was successful in primaries.