Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning, Mr. President

Permit us to get a little giddy, but that was the President in Rensselaer County on Monday!

Whether you voted for President Obama or not, the fact is that it is pretty hard not to be moved by the arrival of the Leader of the Free World in our county. Air Force One, the motorcade into Troy, Secret Service and national media made it an historic day for the Capital Region.

For years, Hudson Valley Community College has been something everyone in Rensselaer County can be proud of, so give the president some credit for choosing the college as his venue for a speech on education and green jobs. The president may gave visited the college as part of a media blitz for his various policies, but let's recognize that the visit means good things for Rensselaer County and Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley got elevated onto the national stage Monday, and we are proud to say the college looked pretty darn good.