Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Court Fudging

Democrat candidates across Rensselaer County may be wondering where that minor party endorsement went, after being told to carry petitions for a nomination they had no chance of receiving. Here's the details we promised on a scam pulled on Democrat candidates by their own party leadership.

With their party fortunes dropping fast because of a disastrous state budget and state tax increases, along with spiraling federal debt and declining ratings for President Obama, Democrats were desperate to get some new real estate on the ballot and the party's candidate for Family Court, controversial Troy attorney Richard Hanft, was struggling to get enough signatures to qualify for a minor party endorsement. The solution? Have Wade promise local candidates they
would get the Independence line, and off the candidates went, carrying ballots that listed Hanft and legislative candidates.

The gambit failed, with at least one Democrat said to have refused to turn in petitions that would have boosted Hanft's numbers for the Independence line.