Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Meltdown Begins

Democrats are looking ahead to a bleak fall election, if comments and actions by their leaders are any indication.

County Boss Tom Wade told some high-placed Democrats he and the party expect to lose three out of four seats in District 2. Wade spent the past weekend begging and pleading–and possibly bullying–Dan Ashley to drop his bid for a party primary. But with Minority Leader Ginny O'Brien deciding against a run for re-election in favor of running for town office in East Greenbush and a strong and dynamic GOP ticket, Democrats are still glum about their chances.

The pressure is also getting to Democrat Legislator Flora Fasoldt who is said to have yelled at two Democrat incumbent town justices who were seeking petition signatures from voters in Sand Lake. Democrat legislative candidates are scattering because of a primary challenge by City Chairman Frank LaPosta. Democrats are worried about their chances of succeeding against a strong Republican ticket and the lack of organization by their party. LaPosta is said to have filed with more than 500 signatures. And Democrats are worried big time about the anemic fundraising by their party, as they try to overcome the fact the party will be fielding no candidate for County Executive and no candidate for County Clerk this fall.