Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wade in the Shade?

Frank LaPosta's power move two weeks ago, netting him a clear victory over Democrat Boss Tom Wade, is still the talk in Democratic circles. LaPosta is emerging as the man to see or know if you want the Democratic endorsement in Troy.

Several months ago, LaPosta was sounding the alarm about the chaos and confusion caused by the City Council. LaPosta's efforts in 2008 to rein in the wackiness was stopped by Wade, but the continuing inability of the Council to do anything right have proven LaPosta correct indeed. Add all that to the fact that LaPosta was at the helm as City Chairman when Democrats won Council control in 2007.

Democrats are already dealing with a crowded field of candidates for three at-large seats, and appear headed toward a bruising primary. Incumbents Clem Campana and John Brown are expected to seek re-election to the Council, as Brown's expected run for County Legislature may have been abandoned because of the inability of Democrats to raise money at the county level. Both Mike LoPorto and one-time Councilman Keith Rogers have each announced their candidacies for At-Large. Rogers' announcement touched off an eruption between Wade and LaPosta after it was learned Rogers may have only consulted LaPosta, and gone around the blustery county chairman. That led to LaPosta's victory against Wade when Wade tried to hijack the Democratic candidate selection process.

LaPosta's victory in the by-law battle comes as Wade finds himself unable to raise money and more importantly, unable to find candidates for big ticket seats like County Executive. LaPosta is believed to have given his support to both Rogers and LoPorto in their bids for At-Large, and with Wade stumbling, it may be reasonable to expect more and more Democrats seeking LaPosta's backing. The hot rumor in Democratic circles is that LaPosta has more candidates ready to go. Given how many needless controversies and broken promises the Council Democrats have piled up, more and more fresh faces may be looking to make real change in the Democratic party, and looking for LaPosta's clout to do so.