Sunday, February 22, 2009

Orders from Above

The Executive Committee meeting for Democrats in Rensselaer County is shaping up to be quite the news bonanza. The meeting is known as the meeting where Boss Tom Wade got shot down by City Chairman Frank LaPosta, who rejected an attempt by Wade to control the candidates selected for office.

LaPosta's win bolstered his standing in the Democratic Party, especially after Wade and others wanted him gone. LaPosta drew strong support from others on the Executive Committee and is expected to use some of his political capital in the coming weeks.

Given that Wade has no candidate for top offices and has not even raised a tenth of what Republicans across Rensselaer County have, you can see why some Democrats are willing to give support to LaPosta during a crucial battle over party control.

Our sources – and we thank our many sources, we really do – tell us that Wade, defeated mayoral candidate Jim Conroy and members of the Can't Do No Right Democratic Troy Council majority met in a secret meeting following the executive committee meeting. And the subject was the lease of the Verizon Building for City Hall!

A few questions for those in attendance at the secret meeting:
  1. Do City Council Democrats consult with Tom Wade and Jim Conroy before their major decisions?
  2. Were Council Democrats instructed by Wade and LaPosta to undo the approved lease for the Verizon Building, the new City Hall?
  3. Were Council Democrats told that any attorney can get you out of a contract?
  4. Can't Council Democrats do anything right?
  5. What interest would Wade and Conroy have if they told Democrats to undo the Verizon deal?
  6. Haven't Council Democrats been embarrassed enough on the whole City Hall thing? Losing lawsuits, vetoes, cancelled meetings, the Zalewski panel to make recommendations that never made recommendations, etc. etc. Just let it go guys?
  7. Was Wade in a bad mood after LaPosta spanked him at the Executive Committee meeting?
  8. Isn't kind of sort of unethical to be taking orders from a party chairman on how to vote or handle an important contract?
  9. Isn't it also kind of funny that the only things more embarrassing than the Democratic City Council meetings are the Democratic Executive Committee meetings?
  10. Seriously, can't Council Democrats do anything right?