Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So whether you voted for him or not, you probably expected better from Team Obama. But here we are, almost two months after his inauguration, and the Market has collapsed during the One's presidency.

That's why leading economists, venture capitalists, financial advisers and anyone with a 401k is asking: WTF? Will the market go below 5000? Should we bring back Bush? Is it smart to have your administration's butt kicked everyday on CNBC by Jim Cramer or the guy yelling on the floor of the Chicago Merchantile Exchange? Where the heck is my stimulus check?

Too many questions, and too little value left on the NASDAQ. 

Let us know what you think. Is The One blowing it big time? Do you favor the Destruction of Wealth? Are you a racist if you blame Obama for your 401k disappearing? Should we all be brushing on the Communist manifesto and getting Che Guevera shirts? Who really needs to retire, anyhow?

Let us know, because we care. Also, feel free to continue making fun of City Council Democrats.