Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Democrat Taxes!

Democrats in Albany keep working on ways to raise taxes. Watch for a state gas tax hike in the near future!

After you pay more in taxes, you get to pay more for your drinks. Only it's not a tax increase, say Democrats, it's "recycling".

Are the disastrous City Council Democrats trying to push through an unpopular library tax in Troy? Your thoughts, please.

Town Democrats in East Greenbush vote to raise taxes, one year after putting residents through an expensive revaluation.

And the Democrats are raising taxes in East Greenbush are having trouble managing their books. The Democrat Comptroller says "the town didn't raise taxes enough", which is just classic.

Democrats are so addicted to property tax increases, they don't know what to do with a Republican county budget that doesn't raise taxes. But when you want bizarre, you can always turn to the Democrats in the minority in the County Legislature.