Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fact Fudging

It's getting to be a growing trend, catching Democratic politics in out and out lies.

You may remember the hapless and hopeless Troy City Council Democrats getting nailed twice in recent editions of The Record for their role in distributing false information about the charter changes supported by popular Mayor Harry Tutunjian. Tutunjian's charter changes would have saved taxpayer funds, but that didn't stop Democrats from lying to city voters.

Then there was Democrat 43rd Senate District candidate Mike Russo who spent the last two weeks of his campaign claiming he was leading his race in one county and gaining in another. Russo got pounded, despite a real Obama-wave for Democrats, showing the info below (an e-mail circulated one day before Election Day) was way off the mark:
Today, we are asking each of you, your friends, family and neighbors to "pull out all the stops" to get out the vote for Mike tomorrow.  Our most recent polling data shows that we have closed the gap in Saratoga County and continue our lead in Rensselaer County.  But with 19% and 20% respectively in both counties still undecided, the last 48 hours will be critical if we are to elect Mike our next State Senator.
Since Russo was a first-time candidate and a decent guy, we can be charitable and chalk up his e-mail boasts as a rookie mistake. But Democratic Chairman Terrible Tom Wade is hardly a rookie, which means his wildly dishonest boasts about a big enrollment advantage for Democrats in Rensselaer County are plainly and simply a deliberate fabrication.

Wade has been trying to sell the tale that Democrats have a 3,000 vote advantage. A visit to the New York State Board of Elections website shows that Wade's bragging simply is not true. The state figures show Democrats with a slight lead, of about seven hundred, with Democrat active voters at 26,993 and Republican active voters at 26,205. That figure doesn't take into account the many, many voters in other parties sympathetic to the GOP but enrolled in other parties.

Why would Wade fudge the numbers so blatantly? It's no secret Wade is struggling to keep his party in order. The most notable example was Russo's pounding of Wade's choice, Brian Premo, in the primary for Senate. Others may claim Wade is fudging the numbers to try to attract candidates under false pretense for 2009. The numbers don't lie, but apparently, the Democratic chairman does.