Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mayor’s Charter Change Endorsed by Record

The effort by Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian to streamline city government and save taxpayer money got a major boost Sunday morning with an endorsement of the charter proposal by The Record newspaper.

By late morning, GOP volunteers were out in force across Troy, distributing copies of the editorial supporting the popular mayor's charter plan. Good news travels fast in the Collar City.

The editorial is yet another blow to Council Democrats who saw their attempt to hijack the charter declared illegal by state courts. Council Democrats have also supported a new library tax – during an economic downturn – that is expected to be rejected by Troy voters on Election Day, meaning yet another defeat for the disastrous Democrats.

The disarray by Council Democrats is stunning. Democrats supported reducing the size of the City Council in 2007 – an idea included in the Tutunjian charter plan – and now Democrats are campaigning against the idea one year later. What's worse is that Democrats deny they backed such an idea – until an alert reporter from The Record pointed out the fact. Amazing to see Democrats get caught in such hypocrisy almost one year into their term.