Sunday, November 02, 2008

Council Chaos Continues

The Troy City Council majority continues their self-unraveling act, committing yet another blunder on the charter issue.

Just a few days ago, the Council's attempt to undo term limits and hijack power from popular Mayor Harry Tutunjian, elected twice by city voters, was declared illegal by state courts. The author of the Council's proposal, Jim Conroy, couldn't have been too happy, nor could Democrat boss Terrible Tom Wade, who favored the failed charter referendum kneecapping of the mayor.

The charter proposal by the Mayor makes sense for voters, helping save taxpayer funds by reducing the Council and reducing the overall size and cost of city government. This is something that Council Democrats obviously want no part of, and which is why Council Dems and their allies were out in force Saturday trying to convince city voters to turn down the mayor's charter plan. Even At-Large Councilman John Brown was seen handing out flyers in an attempt to sabotage the mayor's proposal.

Council Dems may be hitting a trifecta, screwing up the whole special referendum issue three different ways. First, they supported a new library tax – which is expected to be shot down by voters on Tuesday – during an economic downturn that has pinched many Troy households. Second, their term limit proposal, which would have increased costs for taxpayers, was declared illegal. Third, they are campaigning actively against a plan that would reduce costs for Troy taxpayers. Why campaign against the mayor's plan? Simple, because it's the mayor's proposal, which drives the Council Dems nuts and causes them to commit more acts of political stupidity.