Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Disastrous Council Dems Stumble Again

It's gotten so that when you pick up the newspaper, there is another story about yet another stumble by Troy City Council Democrats.

This time, it's for lying to the people of Troy.

The Talespin column in The Record today points out quite rightly Democrats are just out and out misleading the residents of Troy on the charter issue. Council Democrats are lying – that's right, lying - when they claim spending will go up under the charter change commissioned by popular Mayor Harry Tutunjian.

"It's categorically, undeniably, not true. It's a lie," opines the Monday Talespin.

The lies cited by The Record are included in a flyer distributed by Democrats, including members of the Council. Council Democrats, including At-Large Councilman John Brown, Third District Councilman Peter Ryan and Fifth District Councilman Ken Zalewski and members of their staff were among those handing out copies of the fraudulent flyer this week.

What's amazing is that some Council Dems were continuing to hand out the flyers, according to our spies, on Monday, after the lies in the flyer were exposed by The Record. Mayor Tutunjian filed a complaint with the Board of Elections asking for an investigation into the fraudulent flyers handed out by Dems.

Monday was the second time in a week The Record has called out the Council Dems for strange behavior. Adding to their troubles was a decision by state courts that charter changes proposed by the Council were not allowed. And the Council is about to see a new library tax they supported get shot down at the polls on Election Day.

In an obvious attempt at a smokescreen, Democrats once again tried to call foul a flyer supporting Chris Consuello, who is undefeated in primaries for the Working Familes nomination. However, Consuello won his primary for State Senate fair and square, and is obviously trying to earn votes.