Sunday, October 05, 2008

Troy Dems Hurting for Tax Hikes

Last year, Troy Democrats threw a fit over Harry Tutunjian's budget because he didn't raise taxes. They called it an election year gimmick. This year, taxes in Troy still aren't going up, and Democrats are as mad as ever.

Leading the charge to fight this injustice is Ken Zalewski, who takes his orders from the Working Families Party. Coincidentally, the WFP folks happen to be the same ones who are spending thousands of dollars to trick people into thinking that capping property taxes is a bad thing. So faulty logic isn't a new problem for them.

The simple truth is that Republican policies have made Troy a better place to live and to do business. More people and more business means more revenue. When companies see Harry Tutunjian running Troy, they see someone who isn't going to tax or regulate their shirts off. When companies see the man who Democrats tried to put in charge of Troy in 2007, their top concern is typically whether they'll have to testify about it afterward.

According to the TU story:
Tutunjian said he is not certain what to anticipate from the council's Democrat majority.
Our prediction: minimal cooperation, maximum obstruction and, in the case of Bill Dunne, repeated requests to photograph the Mayor's female relatives.