Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Foliage

If you were leaf-peeping in the City of Albany this weekend, you might have seen some interesting stuff. None that was probably more interesting than a bunch of signs proclaiming “Democrats for Judge Carpinello” on the lawns of voters in areas of the Democrat stronghold.

It’s no secret Republican Carpinello has a base of support among Democrats for his re-election. He came within one vote of capturing the Democratic nomination at the party’s judicial convention last month. That’s right, a Republican came within one vote of winning a Democratic nomination.

But the public displays of support from Democrats for Carpinello are a new twist, and might mean trouble for Carpinello’s challenger, Pat McGrath.

Lawn signs are one thing. What could spell even bigger trouble for McGrath is yet another procedural goof by McGrath’s mentor, Rensselaer County Democrat Boss Tom Wade. A lawsuit has been filed to yank the Working Families endorsement from McGrath because there were an insufficient number of delegates at a WFP nominating convention. A hearing on the WFP line was scheduled for Friday and we hear McGrath supporters are worried big time about the case.

Wade has been the main supporter of McGrath, yet despite all his bluster, may have cost McGrath a crucial endorsement because he couldn’t hustle up enough elected delegates to attend what was probably a brief convention. The goof could cost McGrath several thousand votes across the district, and quite possibly, cost him the race.

Gillibrand Flubs Some More

While Democrats want us to believe Congresswoman Gillibrand is skating to an easy re-election against Sandy Treadwell, the facts reveal something different. Gillibrand just unveiled a somewhat ineffective negative ad against Treadwell. Treadwell keeps up his barrage of TV spots, including a new negative ad connecting Gillibrand to the fiscal chaos that has occurred during the Pelosi reign over Congress.

We keep asking Gillibrand supporters to tell us exactly what she has done to deserve a second term. What’s funny is that Gillibrand herself had trouble coming up with any accomplishments of note in a Times Union interview published today. She did try to claim credit for passage of a bill…that was actually introduced by her predecessor, John Sweeney.