Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Troy Council Dems Throw the Book at Taxpayers

Maybe you got shushed for talking in a library. They like things quiet at the library. And quiet is just how the ever-entertaining Troy City Council Democrats and Troy Library want things as they try to create a new tax for Troy taxpayers.

Many in Troy may not be aware there will be a special referendum on the ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4 to determine whether a new tax goes on the books and into the pockets of city taxpayers.

The referendum probably won’t determine what Council Democrats were thinking when they decided to support the library’s proposal to create a new tax for Troy. A new tax that will cost average homeowners at least $100 more per year, and a new tax that looks even less realistic with the national economy in trouble.

Equally troubling is the fact that Council Democrats have done their best to keep the tax referendum quiet. There’s been nary a whisper since Council Democrats voted to put the tax on the ballot, no informational sessions, no newsletters or press releases explaining the new tax. For a group that claim they are about openness and transparency, the Council Democrats have tried to throw a cloak over the whole library tax referendum issue.

It’s no surprise that Council Democrats would try to keep the new library tax secret. The Troy Public Library has had alliances with a number of high-ranking Democrats and it is possible the Council Democrats were following orders issued from on high. Remember, Democrat Governor Paterson signed legislation allowing the vote to happen after receiving the request for the referendum from Council Democrats.

As they have done all year long, Council Democrats have handed their political opponents a great issue by supporting the new library tax. Their votes were needed to put the new tax proposal on the ballot. County Legislature Majority Leader Bob Mirch took aim and fired at the tax and the Council Democrats and you can probably expect more attacks on the tax and the Council Democrats in the coming days.