Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Dem Done Did It

The ballot blow-up mystery has been solved: the typographical error in The One's name on absentee ballot sent out by the Rensselaer County Board of Elections was created by a Democrat BOE employee. So says a Democrat County Legislator, who admitted a Democrat employee did the deed and then 'fessed up.

The deed involved changing The One's last name from Obama to Osama on about 300 absentee ballots issued by the Board. Some of which are now doing brisk business on eBay.

The Democrat employee responsible for the defacing of The One's name was a Clinton supporter and may have put the typo in as a joke – in this case, a joke heard 'round the world. The employee offered to resign, but the Democrat commissioner turned her down.

The Obama to Osama mess caused an outrage, at least when the Bush-Is-Responsible-for-Hurricane-Katrina crowd thought it was all part of a massive GOP-based plot to compare The One to a terrorist. Even GOPers know that comparison is unfair, because terrorists don't have any plans to redistribute the wealth like the plan The One described to Joe the Plumber.

As well all know, defacing the name of a president or a presidential candidate is wrong. Really, really wrong, which is why liberals would never deface or slander the name of a president or presidential candidate. Or would they?

Should the Democratic BOE employee be fired? No way, says us, especially since this episode will continue to make the Tom Wade-led organization look like clowns to the state and national Democratic organizations. And it's funny that instead of being able to hang out a Republican, the liberal gang have one of their own to blame.