Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Troy Polloi Stops Squawking

We began getting concerned emails about the lack of posting on the Troy Polloi back in early Septmeber, asking us to check and make sure that the psych ward at Samaritan still had internet access. Confirmation of the Polloi's termination came last week, and so it's only fitting to offer a recap of that site's years of service.

The Polloi's head honcho, Democratus, seemed to have something mean to say about just about everyone involved in local politics. But when he decided to be positive, Democratus had a habit of carrying water for the wrong people. Most notably, his Polloi shilled hard in 2005 for Bob Jacon, the liberal jurist who has taken to releasing all sorts of dangerous creatures, great and small.

Democratus also went to the mat for the freak show that is the Troy Democrats, arguing most notably against any discussion of Bill Dunne's sexual indiscretions. For a guy who claimed to be such a fierce defendant of free speech, Democratus sure didn't enjoy any mentions of the New York State Dormitory Authority in his comment section.

To his credit, Democratus was one of the trailblazers in local political blogging and we're proud to continue his legacy. We'll share details about the identity of the Polloi's production team later (we don't like to kick a blogger when he's down). Until then, Democratus, you'll be missed.