Friday, October 17, 2008

Jacon Bits

The record of bizarre and loosey goosey rulings by Democrat County Judge Bob Jacon continues. Jacon freed a dog ordered destroyed by the Town of Sand Lake after there was no proof the dog was dangerous.

Maybe there was some gray area the judge found. All the dog did was attack an 11-year-old girl, maul her and possibly scar her for life. The girl underwent 3,000 stitches to repair the wounds.

Jacon noted the girl didn't give testimony about the attack. Maybe the stitches got in the way, but you would expect the medical reports would be pretty self-explanatory. It's sad that a girl was mauled, a family traumatized and a judge allowed to continue on his own strange self-help plan for dangerous criminals. It's reminiscent of the infamous Jacon release of a man – with no bail set – following an arrest on charges of reckless driving that ended with the death of another young adult.

Did Jacon get testimony from the dog? A dog whisperer, perhaps, or animal psychologist? Was the dog abused as a puppy? Or just misunderstood. Judge Bob feels the dog's pain. It's Jacon Justice!

In the event Democrat District Attorney McNally brings charges, the dog reportedly will act as its own counsel.