Saturday, October 18, 2008

Council Bites Taxpayers

Last month, the fun-loving Troy City Council Democratic majority voted to sell two downtown buildings, the Dauchy Building and River Triangle Building, for two million dollars.

Only problem with the sale, as the Tutunjian administration pointed out, is that it might force Troy to pay back another $8 million in federal loans that go back to a development deal made by a previous Democratic administration in the 1980s.

So the Council agreed to come back and meet Thursday. Sure, we'll reconsider the sale, Council Democrats told the mayor. And then they promptly voted – again – to jeopardize city taxpayer's to the tune of $6 million. It's clear Council Democrats have no idea what they are doing from meeting to meeting, week to week, even after ten months of self-inflicted wounds and needless controversies. If the threat of a $6 million loss to the city doesn't get Council Dems to do the right thing, what will?