Monday, October 13, 2008

Ballot Blow-up

Rensselaer County made national news, but for all the wrong reasons: The Board of Elections sent out ballots identifying The One as “Osama”. Pretty sticky stuff, all covered by everyone from The Record and Times Union to the New York Times, Daily News, New York Post and national TV and radio media.

The Democrat and Republican commissioners at the BOE say it was just a typo. More like a tsunami, an avalanche of attention for what will rank as one of the goofiest controversies in county history.

Park Gets Parked

It’s pretty clear that when Democrats need to cut expenses they come upstate.

Schodack Island State Park is the latest casualty of that policy. The Paterson administration has pulled the plug on the park, announcing the site will be closed starting October 13 to sometime in the spring.

For all those who wanted to chase out Joe Bruno, this is what you get. The Assemblyman representing Schodack, ineffective goofball Tim Gordon, can only offer a petition drive to try to get the park reopened. And he’s in the majority! Wow, what clout.

No Love from the Libs

Check out the video of McCain supporters staging a rally on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. What happened to peace, love, tolerance and diversity, liberals?