Monday, October 27, 2008

Tax and Term Blitz

It has been a year of mistakes for the Troy City Council's Democratic majority. From the e-mailed threats by Bill Dunne to white flags thrown up by Democrats in battle after needless battle with popular Mayor Harry Tutunjian to the latest screw-up, a sale of downtown property that could lead to the federal government sticking the city with an $8 million bill that dates back to the 1980s, it's been one goof after another for Council Dems.

But the decision by Council Democrats to support a new tax to benefit the Troy Public Library is one that will really cost them some friends. With the currently shaky economy, the Council Democrat's decision to support the library tax and put it on the ballot is being seen as a foolish move by Troy political observers.

Add the support to a new library tax to a move by Democrats to essentially overturn term limits as they now stand, and you have trouble ahead for the majority.

This probably explains the blitz this weekend by Troy Republicans, who were handing out flyers throughout the city to rally voters against the new library tax and plans to wreck term limits. The flyer follows statements and letters by city Republicans against the new library tax and the attack on term limits.

Smart move by city Republicans to grab the two issues: Stuffing a new tax down the throats of taxpayers doesn't make sense when those taxpayers are trying to meet basic expenses doesn't make sense, Council Democrats. Plus, it's not like everyone can qualify for a job in the Paterson administration or State Assembly. And whacking term limits, after two separate votes where Troy residents supported term limits by wide margins, is just plain crazy.

But just plain crazy is what we have come to expect from Council Democrats. And watch the GOP run with the two issues from now until Election Day 2008 and maybe even further.