Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Angry Lady

Democrat Legislator Flora Fasoldt is a little bit touchy, judging by her Pulse of the People letter today in the Record. But you'd be touchy too if you had been exposed for trying to hijack a big county lease and put Democrat big-shot Jim Conroy in position for the lease.

Like Gillibrand, Fasoldt is an incumbent in a district with a big Republican advantage. And like Gillibrand, Fasoldt is started to snarl and kick, trying to avoid political oblivion. But despite all her verbal gymnastics, Fasoldt doesn't explain how Conroy was put in line to receive the big county contract.

Her letter is kind of reminiscent of the anger and fury Democrats tried to conjure up when Fast Eddie McDonough got caught grabbing insurance commissions in the early 1990s. But an ethical problem is an ethical problem, no matter how much bluster you muster.