Friday, August 01, 2008

No Love from the Libs

Want to know how bad it's getting for Kirsten Gillibrand? It's gotten so bad that ultra-liberal weekly Metroland is throwing an elbow or two in her direction.

Metroland takes a shot after the unveiling of the "latest" Gillibrand commercial. Funny, we can't remember any of the other commercials for Gillibrand in 2008. In 2006, there was a new one about every other week, and the link to her "latest" brings you to a selection of '06 offerings.

The '06 spots may underscore the problem Gillibrand is facing. Two years ago, she was able to take aim at then-Congressman Sweeney who was working overtime to unravel himself in any way possible. This year, Gillibrand's challenger, Sandy Treadwell, is pounding away at the huge increases in gas prices in a series of effective television ads.

Gillibrand has largely been silent. She hasn't shown any of the energy she had in 2006. Part of that may be because she is Washington, doing official business in Congress. Official business that has brought us a Congress with the lowest approval ratings in history, gas prices at an historic high, a faltering national economy and an overreaching and overbearing liberal agenda. And Democrats haven't delivered on their promise to end the war.

Despite all that, Gillibrand ends her commercial by saying she is "working hard" for us. Remember how hard Gillibrand is working next time you fill up at the pump, or worry about how you will heat your home this winter or wonder about your job or your taxes or your safety. Working hard for you, Congresswoman Gillibrand!