Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bye Bye Bobby

The Ghost of City Hall is getting exorcised, or flying the coop, depending on who you talk to.

A few months ago, Bobby Martiniano was the subject of one of the funniest bits of gotcha television journalism in years. CBS 6’s Greg Floyd tried to find where and when Bobby worked to earn his $10,000 as an assistant to the Democratic Troy City Council Majority. Bobby was thrown in by a co-worker, who told Floyd on camera No-Job Bob was hardly ever in and called the relationship “bizarre”.

The $10,000 position for No-Job Bob has been a major embarrassment, but with this Council Majority, major embarrassments happen with disturbing regularity. Martiniano hardly did anything to help Council Democrats repair their standing with the public, and never cleared up questions about exactly where he worked and when.

No-Job Bob’s $10,000 was also apparently expensive for Democratic unity. One tipster says Martiniano got the heave-ho after screwing up a Pulse of the People letter for District 5 Councilman Ken Zalewski. A second tipster says Martiniano got gone on the orders of high-ranking Democrats in the City Committee who are tired of the embarrassment caused by Bobby’s selective attendance at City Hall.

Bobby resigned so he could go back to school to pursue a doctorate. Which leads to a question: How can you resign from a job to have more time for school when allegedly you weren’t doing the job in the first place?

Resignation or not, don’t expect the many critics of the sweetheart deal for No-Job Bob to let go of the issue any time soon. Can anyone say reimbursement, kids?