Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gillibrand’s Goof

The strong early showing of challenger Sandy Treadwell must be getting to Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand got caught fibbing to the press on an issue important to everyone she is supposed to represent in the 20th Congressional District.

Gillibrand put out a press release claiming a gas-price gouging bill she supported had passed. The press release from Gillibrand came out one day after the vote, so there was more than sufficient time to make sure the record was straight.

Adding to the embarrassment, Gillibrand's spokeswoman tried to defend the misstatement and then changed a press release posted on the website in an attempt to cover tracks.

Funny that Gillibrand's goof came on an issue that Treadwell has been hammering her on in a series of effective ad on how the Do-Nothing Pelosi Congress has completely failed to address, leading to record high prices at the pump.

An advocacy group will be running a radio ad that blasts Gillibrand for her energy policy failures. Come Election Day, no one may be feeling the pain at the pump as much as Gillibrand.