Monday, June 30, 2008

Bruno Bits

Saratoga Dems don’t think much of Brunswick Democrat convert Brian Premo and are circulating petitions to force a primary.
As rumored last week, Saratoga Mayor Valerie Keehn drops out to throw her support for Joanne Yepsen, a Board of Supervisors member. Wonder if Yepsen tries to take credit for tax cuts formulated by Saratoga County Republicans.

It’s also curious with the power moves by Congresswoman Gillibrand’s staff. Her Chief of Staff Mike Russo is circulating petitions to take on Premo in a primary, following in the footsteps of another Gillibrand staff member, Darius Shahinfar, who is one of the 973 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Mike McNulty’s 20th Congressional District seat.

Strange to see a candidate like Gillibrand who has a dubious future at best trying to create a “legacy”, especially after she ran a campaign promising much but offering very little as a first-team member of the Nancy Pelosi Confusion Congress.

The Times Union weighs in with a hand-wringing story about whether all the money secured by Joe Bruno during his 14 years as State Senate Majority Leader will go elsewhere in the state. The story focuses on whether new Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos will be as good to the Capital District as Uncle Joe.

You can trudge through the long and winding TU story, but if you are a person possessing even a modicum of common sense you know the money is gone. Bye bye. See ya. Don’t wait up. We had our shot, Capital Region, now step back and watch the money get swallowed up by the New York metro area and places like Buffalo.

If you have that same amount of common sense, you are probably aware, unlike the TU, that it isn’t Dean Skelo’s problem whether or not the Capital Region gets enough cash.

The TU seems not to be aware that New York State is now run by Democrats. Nowhere in the story is there a question about what Democrats, who promised Day One during the 2006 elections, will do to restore the money once grabbed by Bruno. And the TU needs to meet the State Assembly. They are an occasionally entertaining bunch of politicos who don’t do much except wait for Shelly Silver to give out orders, sometimes get arrested under amusing circumstances and drag their feet on passing a state budget. The TU also forgets the Assembly can step in and restore the money once secured by Uncle Joe. Almost everyone from the Capital Region in the Assembly is a Democrat, including Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari, so let’s see them pull some weight and make up the difference in Joe’s absence.