Thursday, July 03, 2008

No-Job Bob

It was a hot weekend. But a blistering Pulse of the People letter in June 28's Troy Record probably raised the temperature in the Council Democrats' offices, or wherever No-Job Bob Martiniano gets to draw his paycheck.

The Pulse letter from resident Jim Gordon reignites the controversy over the sweetheart $10,000 position handed by Democrats to No-Job Bob. An expose by CBS 6 found that No-Job Bob kept no office hours at City Hall and a co-worker said Martiniano was never at the office, saying the arrangement was "bizarre".

Gordon's letter seeks an important answer as to whether Council Democrats reassured the public that Martiniano would be keeping regular office hours. Gordon says the assurance was given at the January organizational meeting, so we'll see if Council Democrats make a tape of the meeting available. Remember all the openness and transparency the Dems promised?

The Pulse letter by Gordon shows the issue surrounding No-Job Bob, also known as the Ghost of City Hall, isn't going away anytime soon.