Monday, May 12, 2008

Tattoo You

It was a recent committee meeting for the Troy City Council. Council members sat down to discuss legislation, and found in their packet a resolution to increase fees for vendors in the city and another resolution to increase fees for tattoo parlors.

One of the Republican council members began to state their opposition to the two resolutions. Who was the sponsor of the resolutions, the Republican asked.

“Not me,” said one Democratic councilman. “Me neither,” said a second Democrat councilman.

So a mystery was born – legislation to raise two city fees that was introduced for consideration with any member of the Democrat majority admitting to sponsorship. A mystery, not to mention no shortage of embarrassment for Democrat council members who have had enough trouble getting on solid ground this year.

We hear at least two Democrat council members are upset about what they see as meddling and want to change the situation that led to the mystery fee increase legislation.