Thursday, May 15, 2008

Council Closes Troy for Business

It's official: Troy is unfriendly for business, thanks to Council Democrats.

After four years of pretty remarkable progress, including a revitalized downtown, renovations to the long-closed Stanley's store, the opening of the Powers Park lofts, a new hotel on Hoosick Street, new drugstores and small businesses, business leaders are once again talking about the "rough and tumble" climate in Troy.

Hmmm…what's changed in the last several months: Oh yeah, our new Council Democrat majority! Just listen to business leaders and investors like Jeff Pfeil, who were dismayed the City Hall deal got scuttled. Watch your inbox, Jeff, you may be getting a threatening e-mail from Bill Dunne real soon!

"We're certainly going to think twice before investing further money in Troy until we can see that the city council and city government can work together," said Jeff Pfeil, president of J.W. Pfeil & Co. Inc. "There are just too many negatives right now."

Give credit to Pfeil, who with his wife have invested millions in revitalizing Troy, for saying what business leaders have been saying privately for much of 2008. Council Democrats have allied themselves with some anti-development forces, which is curious, given how much room there is to grow in Troy.

Turns out blowing up the City Hall may cost Troy more than $3 million. Thanks Council Democrats!