Friday, May 09, 2008


The split between County Democrat "Baby" Boss Tom Wade and city Democratic Chairman Frank LaPosta may not be repairable.

Wade has sent orders that no one is to answer to LaPosta, work with him or offer support. Period. Wade was pulling the strings a few weeks ago when he told Democratic district leaders and Democratic council members not to answer LaPosta's first call for a meeting on how errant the Council Democrats have become and the damage to the party caused by their four months of stumbling and bumbling.

Word in Dem circles is that LaPosta is now making a second attempt to summon Dem district leaders and council members for a meeting on the direction of the council and the party. Wade is again doing his best to sabotage the meeting, and LaPosta is said to be none too happy at the interference.

The source of LaPosta's problems may be Jim Conroy, who was defeated by a wide margin for mayor in 2007. Conroy has been directing the actions of the majority via e-mail, with Wade cc'ed to keep the party boss in the loop. Conroy is believed to be making a move for City Chair with Wade's support. LaPosta's supporters point out that LaPosta did significantly better in the 2003 mayoral race than Conroy in the 2007 mayoral race.