Friday, May 16, 2008

Breaking News: Dunked!

The strange and troubled saga of the corrupt Great John Brown Water Debt Giveaway may be coming to an end. The lawsuit by Troy to recover up to $3 million from Rensselaer for past water service finally went to court on Thursday, and despite the best efforts of Democrats from Rensselaer, the case is moving forward.

State Supreme Court Justice John Egan told attorneys during the hearing they should prepare for trial and acknowledged Troy is owed money by Rensselaer, according to observers in the courtroom.

A trial should bring an end to the attempt by Troy Council Democrats to give away the $3 million water debt to Rensselaer for $1.1 million and no guarantee of future payment in a deal designed by Democrats to benefit Democrats. Although Council Democrats lately have seemed to be on a political kamikaze mission, blowing up the City Hall deal, getting embarrassed on a lawsuit over their illegal attempt to reduce the salaries of city employees and e-mails threatening punishment for city employees, so they could continue to pursue what has become a fool's errand. But with the case heading for trial, any attempt to ram the John Brown Water Debt Giveaway is likely to only cause more trouble.

Some credit, say court observers, should go to Troy Corporation Council Dave Mitchell who is said to have "totally outmaneuvered" attorneys for Rensselaer. Mitchell gets a lot of grief from certain sources, but the water case seems to be heading for a win for Mitchell and Troy taxpayers.