Monday, May 19, 2008

Giving ‘Em the Bizness

Last week, we alerted readers to an article in the Capital District Business Review about how some big time developers and investors in Troy were concerned with the amount of unnecessary political infighting since Democrats took control of the City Council.

One of those investors, Jeff Pfeil, is more pointed in this follow-up in the Record newspaper in Saturday’s editions. Pfeil and his wife resurrected warehouse space in Lansingburgh and turned the structure into attractive lofts and are in the process of bringing the former Stanley’s department store from 15 years of emptiness into lofts and retail space.

Five months into their term and already investors are talking openly about how Council Democrats need to change – that spells big trouble for the misfiring majority.

Petition Purge?

Do any longtime Democrats have anything to be worried about with the set of nominating petitions for Democrat county committee members being prepared by Baby Boss Tom Wade? Stay tuned!