Thursday, April 03, 2008

TU: Truly Unethical

Big news out of Albany today: the Times Union still doesn't want a full investigation into Eliot Spitzer's conspiracy to use the state police against Joe Bruno. The TU has every reason to fear the pursuit of Troopergate. The paper is the professional equivalent of a 6 year-old frantically brushing cookie crumbs off their shirt.

It goes without saying that the taxpayers deserve to know how many public officials engaged in corrupt activity, both in the initial improper use of state resources and the illegal actions that took place to protect Eliot Spitzer from the consequences. But most importantly, the public deserves to know what allowed the region's largest newspaper to breach journalistic ethics and become a pawn for the corrupt, arrogant Spitzer. It's unfortunate that taxdollars will have to be spent on this investigation; it's more unfortunate that the TU can't be trusted.