Friday, April 18, 2008

Losing Face

On Wednesday, the Troy City Council Democrats lost their temper while losing the battle over salaries for city employees. Thursday, Council Democrats lost face, with the press piling on and several Democrats whispering behind the scenes they have lost faith in the council majority. And they were pretty loud whispers.

From the secret meetings in late '07 at Democrat headquarters where Dem council members were ordered to cut salaries by their party bosses to Bully Dunne's infamous "punishment" e-mail in early '08, to the deliberate ignorance of the City Charter by elected city representatives and their legal counsel to the hilarious and somewhat pathetic claim this week that Dems believed they would win the suit but were dropping it anyways, the Council Democrats have managed to screw up one issue in so many different ways that it is truly astounding.

In Troy, it's not uncommon for an elected official or group to really blow it on one issue. But the Council Dems have managed to bungle the salary issue for five months, inventing new ways on a seemingly daily basis to screw this up beyond belief. Are there more surprises in store? Only the Council Dems know, but they have yet to disappoint in lowering the bar.

From the man on the street to Democratic-leaning blogs, the consensus was clear: Council Dems, you blew it big time. Meanwhile, one man wrecking crew Bobby Mirch was doing victory laps, after embarrassing Council Democrats at Wednesday's special meeting.

Even Metroland got into the act, kicking the Council Dems while they are down.

Don't worry, there's more to come on this issue.