Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Loss

It's the legal equivalent of hearing one hand clapping.

DA Rich McNally was on the losing end of a case he personally prosecuted. A case in which the defense introduced zero witnesses - that's right, zero.

The story involving Dwight Singletary's actions prompted quite a storm last year. Singletary was the state prisoner allowed out on a furlough from Hudson, and instead of traveling to Albany for a job interview, allegedly traveled to Troy and shot an ex-girlfriend. Singletary beat the rap Tuesday, with a jury giving a "not guilty" verdict in the trial personally prosecuted by DA McNally.

It's April, and McNally has already seen two big losses, one in the Singletary case and one in the stabbing murder of a biker.

Does the DA have a plan to reverse the losses? Is he hiring new prosecutors? Does he need a new lunchpail?