Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News: The CB Squeeze

First off, for anyone who thought the post about CB Smith getting a job with the Democrats in the County Legislature was an April Fool's joke – it isn't. The super-controversial Smith has the backing of four out of the six members of the Democratic caucus – Flora Fasoldt, Peter Grimm, Keith Hammond and Kevin Harrington and apparently has the support needed for the job.

But there's a last-minute move by some Democrats to block CB from getting the job. Defeated Troy mayoral candidate Jim Conroy is calling the Democrat legislators, telling them not to hire Smith. Conroy is also telling them he is calling with the support of County Dem Boss Tom Wade and City Dem Boss Frank LaPosta.

CB is said to be bonkers about the Conroy-Wade-LaPosta move to block him.

It's interesting Conroy would be picked to attempt to oust Smith, what with Conroy's well-known ethical run-in with the HUD loan given to a family members while Conroy was Troy deputy mayor and helping oversee the program. Smith is a self-proclaimed stickler for ethics – something his many critics would disagree with – and has to be furious that someone with a murky past is trying to lower the boom on him.

Getting blown out of the game by your opponents – that hurts. But getting done in by your own team, like some on CB's team are trying – that really stings.

More updates to come.