Wednesday, April 16, 2008


“Did we surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

No, we most definitely did not. But Troy Council Democrats are completing their record-setting cave-in to the Tutunjian administration’s lawsuit challenging their violation of the City Charter after the council improperly reduced salaries of several city employees. On Wednesday, they will wave the white flag and continue their record-setting effort to screw-up every issue they get involved with.

The Dems have called a special meeting for Wednesday night so they can avoid having to report to court on Thursday to continue losing the lawsuit. Actually, they should call Wednesday’s meeting a very special meeting because the Dems have gotten a very special butt-whuppin courtesy of Mirch and Co.

The Dems are abandoning one of their biggest issues by dropping their quest to lower the salaries without even a meek fight. They are also blowing up their pledge to improve openness, calling the special meeting just one day in advance. How is the public going to get to the meeting? Where’s the openness, the responsiveness, the transparency?