Monday, March 03, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Darn that pesky software at the State Board of Elections. The pesky software prevented a whole bunch of Democrats from filing their required campaign financial disclosure reports.

Which means the whole bunch of Democrats are in violation of state law, according to court papers filed in State Supreme Court. What happened to the openness, the transparency, the accountability?

Democrats failing to file include:
  • Troy City Council President Clem Campana
  • Democrat Minority Leader Ginny O’Brien
  • Democrat Deputy Minority Leader Keith Hammond
  • Democrat County Legislature candidate Bob Zinzow
  • The Democrat-allied Greenbush Party
Campana, O’Brien, Hammond and Zinzow have all claimed they back reform and want openness and honesty, etc. It’s sad that those ideals don’t apply to them. Especially when you consider the top staffer in the Democrat Legislative Minority Office, Sue Steele, is treasurer for two of the legislative committees and did not comply with the law. The Greenbush Party is really hilarious, because in the fall, their Supervisor candidate Josh Sabo demanded other candidates in North Greenbush provide information about their campaign finances. Again, the reform is a one-way street.

Pesky software, now part of the vast right-wing conspiracy!

TOMORROW: The $6 million City Council