Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oink, Oink!

The Rensselaer County Democrats say they want to cut taxes. But they would like some big ticket jobs first.

Rensselaer County Legislature Democrat Minority staff member Sue Steele, who has failed to ever come close to winning a majority in the Legislature, is being rewarded for her election failings with a $90,000 a year job as a spokesperson with the Children and Family Services agency in state government.

It's kind of curious – the governor is telling cities they need to reduce state aid by 2 percent, about the equivalent of $100,000 to $400,000 grand for upstate cities, but there's enough for a hack job serving as spokesperson for the glorified Welfare Department? How serious can we take Democrats leading the state when they tell us we need to tighten our belts while they're pigging out at the public trough?

Some Democrats say Steele is one of the more unlikable members of her party. She's regarded as a henchwoman for Terrible Tom Wade, the current Dem chair, and loyal Dems are furious someone as unpopular as Steele landed a state job. They are even more curious how Steele even got by the state background check after the infamous incident a few years ago in which she was arrested in Troy for drunk driving and leaving the scene after hitting a CDTA bus. That's right, a CDTA bus, which are tough to miss.

Other Dems are pissed because Steele's sudden departure is a sign Democrats have given up any hope of winning a majority in the County Legislature. The Spitzer scandal has eroded Democrat credibility with the public and stopped the would-be Steamrollers in their tracks.

No buses were injured in the writing of this post. But taxpayers, well, ouch. Dems are looking for a big pig out at taxpayer's expenses, regardless of how much budget trouble the state is in. They talk about reducing spending, but say oink, oink when it comes to public sector jobs.