Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Dunne

Bully Bill Dunne should rethink his career as a tough guy. He got pounded Wednesday, and made some big mistakes as he was getting trounced.

We know how Dunne loves his e-mails. Supposedly, a few e-mails to the fairer sex got him in trouble at a state job. It also got him into hot water with a few of his fellow Democrats after their daughters were contacted electronically by the amorous Councilman.

And just this year, the would-be tough guy sent out his infamous e-mail threatening "punishment" for several city employees. That was the start of what has been a very long year for the Democrat majority on the City Council.

Last week, Dunne sent an e-mail seeking Mayor Tutunjian's help in silencing critics of the Sanctuary for Independent Media's terrorist. One of those critics is patriot and DPW Commish Bobby Mirch. Mirch gave Dunne a walloping.

Good to see Dunne and the Democrats' concern about an exhibit that depicts the assassination of the president. Remember, several high-level county Democrats and former candidates are involved with the Sanctuary and the protest in support of the terror exhibit.

Later in the day, after picking himself up off the canvas, Dunne decided to throw another punch at City Hall's direction. Which lead to a very pertinent and interesting question about Dunne's past, which can be viewed here.

No, no answer yet from Dunne, errr, Baghdad Bill, on that second question. Where's the openness?