Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Power to the Peephole

As an apparent warm-up to this summer's Democrat convention, lefties, hippies, aging radicals and NPR listeners gathered outside Troy City Hall Tuesday for a weak rally in support of the terrorist-friendly exhibit that was staged – briefly – at the Sanctuary for Independent Terror, err Media in Troy. You remember, the exhibit featured a game that includes a kid-friendly depiction of the assassination of the president.

The friendly freaks gathered at the crumbling City Hall sure helped boost the tourist trade in the Collar City. Nearly all were from outside Rensselaer County, although the Sanctuary includes a few of the more radical elements of the Democrat Party in Rensselaer County. Which may be why leaders of the Democrat Party helped organize the rally, according to sources? But next time, Tom Wade and company, make sure you've got some locals at a rally.

The rally protested the action by Troy Code Enforcement to cite the Sanctuary for inadequate doors. While Sanctuary supporters claim the action was not proper, this video seems to indicate Sanctuary organizers knew before the exhibit the doors on the building were not up to code. The Sanctuary has to play by the same rules as any other property owner in Troy.