Friday, March 21, 2008

Dirty Water

The corrupt, secretive and costly plan to erase $1 million owed to Troy taxpayers by Troy Councilman John Brown in the guise of an "agreement" between Troy and Rensselaer moved forward this week. Rensselaer Common Council members approved the agreement Wednesday; not much of a surprise, since the deal would allow Rensselaer to possibly dump more than half what they owe to Troy for water services.

But the questions about the Great John Brown Water Giveaway continued Thursday. The first question is why would Troy accept only $1.1 million if Rensselaer owes Troy $2.4 million, maybe more. The second is who is John Brown to negotiate a deal, considering Mayor Tutunjian had no role in the talks.

WTEN's John McLoughlin may have gotten some answers in a Thursday broadcast (not yet posted on, but check back). McLoughlin noted one of Brown's political backers is Tom Nardacci, who was Rensselaer Common Council President a few years back. A few years back to about the same time Rensselaer started accumulating a water debt to Troy.

Brown looked shaken talking to McLoughlin, but still claimed he "was acting in the best interests of the taxpayers of the City of Troy". How flushing more than $1 million owed to those taxpayers is acting in their best interest is beyond us, but that's his story, and he's sticking to it.

Mayor Tutunjian is joining some Rensselaer leaders by also asking for the State Comptroller to review the whole Rensselaer water mess. More tomorrow.