Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Whatever happened to dissent being patriotic?

When you go to vote in today's primary, listen for the sound of principles being swallowed in the Democrats poll booths. You'll hear it.

It's not often that Democrat see a candidate on their primary ballot who voted to start a war and took millions of dollars in special interest money from the likes of the healthcare industry, defense contractors and Walmart. Not today. Today, Hillary Clinton is on the ballot, and from what we're hearing, Rensselaer County Dems aren't being allowed to consider that there's anyone else to vote for. The reasoning probably stems from the fact that when you've got great thinkers like Bill Dunne and Keith Hammond in your party making decisions, why bother having anyone else do it?

I guess it's lucky for the Dems that they'll be using a closed ballot tomorrow. Don't worry. If you want to vote for Obama, we won't tell anyone.