Sunday, February 03, 2008

Interventions are all the rage these days, with even a television show devoted to interventions. Just a month into their term, we hear the Council Democrats held an intervention Friday night downtown to try and rein in their leader, Bully Bill Dunne.

Our sources tell us Dunne's fellow Democrats on the Council have had it with Dunne's outbursts. Whacky moments like the "punishment" e-mail, the "grind the city to a halt" comment, more Dunne e-mails set to be exposed and the probability he has put all of them on the receiving end of a federal lawsuit. But we are also hearing the lovably loquacious Dunne told his fellow council members to stuff it. No intervention, no kinder and gentler Dunne and probably, no more Dem majority soon. So expect more great quotable quotes from Dunne for months to come, right up to when Democrats get blown out of the box in the 2009 elections.

Blowing It?

The Democrat takeover, err, panel to review the City Hall deal is doing stuff! And it's important stuff. Stuff like visiting places, having meetings to talk about visiting places and talking to newspapers. And so far, they haven't said anything dumb, which means Bully Bill must not be on the panel.

The City Hall deal would give the city $3 million and allow them to move to the Verizon building. The ever-so productive panel toured City Hall and managed to avoid the falling chunks of concrete and then visited the Verizon building and found it to be OK! This is great, except for the part where the developer setting up the deal says the panel may end up blowing the deal for the city. This would essentially make the panel a $3 million learning curve for council Democrats.

We'll look more at the City Hall panel later in the week.