Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slipped Away

Since the February 5th primary which was supposed to wrap up the Democrat nomination for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama has won Maryland, Virginia, DC, Maine, Washington, Nebraska and Louisiana. Hillary has won nowhere. It's becoming pretty obvious, even to Clinton's own people, that the nomination has slipped through her fingers. But what else has slipped away?
  • Malcolm Smith's Senate Democrats can't be pleased. They were getting confident that Hillary would be a hit in New York, so confident that one of their members admitted on record that they plan to raise taxes if they take the majority.
  • We hear Kirsten Gillibrand was counting on Hillary's coattails to carry her through 2008 the way Jimmy Carter helped Ned Pattison keep his Watergate-won seat in 1976. Without a familiar face at the top of the ticket, the district is more than likely to swing back to the GOP.
  • Keith Hammond must be the most upset of the lot. The jobs certainly weren't coming from Governor Eliot. Maybe President Hillary would have been nicer.