Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Council Goof

Mayor Tutunjian announced he will veto a law that was introduced by Council Democrats to crackdown on absentee landlords.

Why? Only because the law was basically deficient, failing to include even basic information about expiration dates, and would also prevent property owners from making improvements to their properties like the addition of new bedrooms.

What's amazing is how consistently the Council Democrats are screwing up the basic duties of a council. Last week, they couldn't file veto override legislation properly. Now, a law they claimed was central to their platform did not even include basic information. Even some council members openly acknowledge the failings, but are apparently unwilling to do anything about it.

Whether its sloppiness, laziness or ineptitude, one thing is certain: Taxpayers get to pay more for less service from the council. Remember, Council Democrats snuck a secret $5,000 pay raise for Vic Debonis, who is supposed to be "counsel" to the majority and helping draft the legislation.